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Capitol Wellnes Expo Feb 2013
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Capitol Wellness Expo -- exhibits, speakers, networking -- May 24, 2013,

12noon to 5pm, Cannon House Office Building, Rooms 121 and 122.

Free Admission.  All are welcome.


May 23, 2013  6:30-9pm  Program Opening and Citizen Healer Orientation & Dinner

May 24, 2013  12noon-5pm  Capitol Wellness Expo 2013

May 25, 2013  8-11:30am  Breakfast, HOPE CORE planning, State and District HOPE Builders meetings.

The Expo is in tandem with the May 23-25 HOPE on the Hill sponsored by Voice for HOPERegistration

The most convenient hotel is the Capitol Hill Hotel at 200 C Street SE, Washington, DC, 202-543-6000.  See also HOPE accommodations BLOG.


Capitol Wellness Expo 2013

Thanks to the sponsorship of DC’s Representative, Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton, now in her twelfth term as the Congresswoman for the District of Columbia, many organizations are collaborating to help Congress and the public learn about wellness practices and the issues they present. Learn about practices that enhance mental and physical performance, reduce stress, and help you to look and feel your best.

Voice for Hope

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Questions the Capitol Wellness Expo will answer; What practices boost energy? Enhance critical thought? Reduce stress? Help children? What will the practice of medicine be like in the future? Will the health freedom movement play a role?

In the plenary room (121), we will start with personal wellness (beauty and athletic performance tips, nutrition, mindfulness, and more) and then integrating wellness practices.  In the afternoon, we will examine wellness policy issues and discuss the future of health care and wellness. In room (122), we will have exhibits, demos, networking, discussion groups, and classes. The program is designed for members of Congress and staff.


The 2013 Capitol Wellness Expo has been created by and for allied organizations and individuals to advance awareness of natural and integrative wellness initiatives as an essential part of America’s healthcare solutions and to address related issues as they pertain to policy making, such as: The positive long-term effect of improved wellness on the economy;  What individuals, employers and government can do to promote wellness and reduce health care expenditures?  Holistic strategies for addressing obesity in the US;  Effective integrative health therapies – why Medicare can and should cover them.





Previous Topics and Speakers

Lifetime Fitness through Athletic Competition – Bob Weiner and Bruce McBarnette, Esq.

Managing Emotional Disorders Holistically – Dr. Jennifer Duke

Voice for HOPE and the Political Process – Jim Turner, Esq.
Health Viewed Through a Financial Lens – Wayne Miller.

The Electrical Nature of the Body, the Reasons Why Various Products and Modalities Work, and Why the Current Regulatory Structure Is Inadequate – Dr. Jim Oschman, Ph.D

Breathing as the Core of Wellness – Steve Shafarman

Dealing with Stress in Adults and Children – Dr. Jill Baron, M.D.