Sunday, August 7, 2005



Also going to the world championships is Bruce McBarnette, an attorney at law from Sterling, Va., who set the meet record in the men's 45 high jump at 1.96 meters. Competitive in track since 1977, McBarnette also has the current world indoor track record in the event.

"It feels nice to, over the years, work out the kinks, ways of doing things better and getting inside tips and knowledge from other great high-jumpers," said McBarnette, who high-jumped at Princeton University. "This is the kind of event that takes a lot of technique, a lot of effort into making sure your body is moving in the exact same fashion, speed, centrifugal force and at the right angles. To get all of that right is a tremendously thrilling experience. It makes it well worth the hard work, to get it all right."


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