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Thanks for your interest in hosting an Art for Obama reception.

To host an Art for Obama reception, you must be the owner of the art gallery or other public establishment and display art during the reception. Your gallery will select, curate, and supply all the art work that you show at the reception. The art work does not have to be related to President Obama or politics.

We generally accept applications for receptions at galleries on dates that do not conflict with other Art for Obama receptions in the area. If we accept your application we will advertise the reception on, Facebook and on our website We will inform you when the information is on the sites. We will also have a link to your website from our website.

You will require guests of the event to contribute at least $5 to the Obama for America. You may accept contributions online at this website

If you do not take contributions on line you can take credit card payments, cash, or check by having each contributor complete the Victory Form which you can download from this website by clicking here.

Within 5 days after the reception, you will mail the checks and cash with the Victory forms by Express Mail or Federal Express to

Obama for America

P.O. Box 802798

Chicago, IL 60680

To apply for an Art for Obama reception, please fill out the application form and we will respond to you shortly.

Once accepted, please download the Art for Obama Receptions approval form: PDF or WORD and fax to 877-794-2501.

For guidelines on creating invitations and programs for your Art for Obama reception, click here.

You can print from this website an Art for Obama Receptions name-tag and sticker for use at your reception. Click here.

You may buy buttons and T-shirts and bumper stickers and other Obama items, if you wish, from

For a sample press release and picture that you can use to advertise your event, click Press Release and Press Photo.

If you want a big name speaker (like the First Lady) and you can raise hundreds of thousand of dollars ahead of time, I may be able to provide a big name speaker. Otherwise, contact the local campaign office if you want a speaker. We will not be providing local

speakers or volunteers. Although we will advertise the reception, we will encourage you to advertise the event to your contact list as well.

If there are any changes to your event after it is approved, you will let us know.

We hope that you will be able to share pictures from the reception on our website and comments about it on our blog.

Any questions, please check our frequently asked question (FAQ) page or contact us.

Contact Information : Devlin Francis   Voicemail : 877-794-2501   Email :