Capitol Wellnes Expo 2013
Plenary Agenda
Exhibit Hall
Capitol Wellnes Expo Feb 2013


Capitol Wellness Expo -- exhibits, speakers, networking -- May 24, 2013,

12noon to 5pm, Cannon House Office Building, Rooms 121 and 122.

Free Admission.  All are welcome.

Plenary Agenda - Room 121

 Personal Wellness - Feb. 2013

10 a.m.

WelcomeJudy KosovichMaster of Ceremonies

Lifetime Fitness through Athletic Competition – Bob Weiner and Bruce McBarnette, Esq

(10 minutes with a discussion group in the exhibit room at 10:30)

One Practitioner's Path – Insights on Working with the Elderly, Biotensegrity, and More – Susan Lowell

A Path to Nursing and the Role that Nurses Play in Wellness – Barbara Dorsey, RN, PT, CMT

(demonstration of essential oils and otherwise available for questions in the exhibit room 11-12)

Helping Military and Former Military Be Happier and Enhance Performance – Ben King

Breathing: the Core of Wellness (with demonstration) – Steven Shafarman


11 ish


District Wellness – Herb Simmens

Obesity, Youth, and What’s Happening in Detroit – Dr. Keefa Lorraine Weatherspoon, N.D.

Detox – One Strategy for Surviving in Our Toxic Soup – Rita Campbell, N.D.

Chair Yoga Exercise Break – Laura Narayani Gubisch (longer class in the exhibit room)


12 ish


Diet and Wellness – Dr. Baruch (with a class in the exhibit room afterwards)

Reflexology – its History, Benefits, and Research – Sandra Sigur, LMT, CYI, SCS

Managing Emotional Disorders Holistically – Dr. Jennifer Duke (with an exercise class in the exhibit room at 3)


Dealing with Stress in Adults and Children – Dr. Jill Baron, M.D. (with materials in the exhibit room)


1 ish 


The Mindfulness Center's Role in the DC Area – Dr. Deborah Norris, Ph.D

(with a meditation class in the exhibit room at 1:30)

The Electrical Nature of the Body, Reasons Why Various Products and Modalities Work, and

Why the Current Regulatory Structure Is Inadequate to Deal with This – Dr. Jim Oschman, Ph.D

A New Way of Thinking about Health – Consciousness and Quantum Effects – Karen Davis-Foulks


2 ish

Exercise break – Susan Lowell

Health Viewed Through a Financial Lens – Wayne Miller

Expanding the Wellness Economy in New Directions – Camille Leon (with a discussion group in the exhibit room afterwards)


Wellness Policy under Obamacare – Professor Sallyanne Payton


Health Freedom at the State and National level – Anne Tenner

3 ish

A simple, easy meditation – Ben King

The Wisdom (or Lack Thereof) of Smart Meters – Christopher Turner, Esq.


Why 1/3 of the Japanese Diet and 3 Prime Ministers Are Spiritual Wellness Practitioners – Ken Kitatani

Voice for HOPE and the Political Process – Jim Turner, Esq.

Discussion of Wellness Policies of the Future – discussion among speakers and the audience

(topics and speakers still subject to change)