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Capitol Wellnes Expo Feb 2013
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Capitol Wellness Expo -- exhibits, speakers, networking -- February 7, 2013,

10:00a to 5:30p, Cannon House Office Building, Rooms 121 and 122.

Free Admission.  All are welcome.

Jill R. Baron, MD

Jill R. Baron, MD, is a board certified Family Physician, who practices Integrative Medicine in New York City. She combines conventional primary care with holistic and mind-body therapies, including functional medicine, nutrition, weight management, and stress reduction. She is a Consultant on Dr. Oz’s website.

Dr. Baron is featured in the PBS television special “Preventing and Reversing Diabetes Naturally” and the upcoming PBS television special “Reverse Arthritis and Pain Naturally.”

A graduate of Princeton University and the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, Dr. Baron has studied with some of the pioneers in Integrative Medicine being including Dr. Deepak Chopra and Dr. Andrew Weil. Dr. Baron has a popular website which offers solutions to deal with the stress in our daily lives.

For further information about Dr. Baron, please go to her website,

Rita Campbell MA, Certified Blood Type/Homotoxicology Practitioner

Rita Campbell is a Wellness Practitioner for greenWorksRITA, Washington DC. Her undergraduate education began at Brown University where primary interests ranged from Cultural Anthropology to Religious Studies.  After earning a Bachelors degree, she received a Masters in Holistic Counseling at Salve Regina University. Professional Specialities include Certification - Blood Type Genetics Practitioner from the Southwest College, Institute of Human Individuality as well as Certification - Homotoxicology from the College of BioEnergetics with special skills in Applied Kinesiology.  A Certification - Publishing Procedures from the Radcliffe-Harvard Institute informs writing projects.

Her work in applied Kinesiology aka muscle-testing aka dowsing is driven by the genetics of Blood Type and Body, Mind, Spirit Detoxification Protocols via Homeopathics, Nutrition, Flower Essences and Microbial Balancers.

In her personal time, she seeks balance through self-care routines including daily meditation, yoga, and chi kung as well as strength training, hiking, biking, swimming, gardening, among other activities. To bring sustainable habits into my lifestyle, she is mindful about composting, recycling and working with Nature Intelligence while learning about and incorporating other earth-friendly ways.

Dr. Karen (Khadijah) Davis-Foulks, CL, PMD, NESCP

Dr. Karen (Khadijah) Davis-Foulks is the creator of The Ark of Self-Healing & Self H.E.L.P. and Founder of 4 Advanced Holistic H.E.L.P. Foundation (Health Education for Longevity & Peace). Dr. Karen Davis-Foulks established Emancipate Yourself from Medical Mental Slavery Movement in 2009 and in 2011 she proclaimed April 30th as Emancipate Yourself From Medical Mental Slavery Day.  Dr. Karen Davis-Foulks offers NES ProVision Human Body Field Evaluations, NES MIHealth Sessions, Stress, Relaxation and NLP Counseling, Anger Management Training, Therapeutic Reflexology, Colon Hydrotherapy sessions, Life Extension Nutrition Counseling and Cellular Ecology training (support of the Lymphatic and Circulatory Systems). She practices in the *non-secular science of medicine as a Preventive Medicine Lymphology Doctor, and BioEnergetic “Informational” Health Care Educator/Provider in the Washington DC area and her services are not limited to the Washington DC area.

Friends, students and colleagues call her Dr. ”K” however, she’s known as the “Conscious Health Care Practitioner” in the African-American community.  She does not address disease care or promote the disease health care system. She simply educates individuals to one face – Health is all about consciousness and healing is a function of consciousness.  She teaches from the idea that it is time to ‘bury diseased thinking and to step up out of the dark ages of disease care” which are also the titles of two of her self- published books.

She recognizes that her practice is unconventional to most people who visit her for healthcare services, many of whom experience the unimaginable people start improving in many areas of their lives because of the intimate relationship that she encourages each individual to have regarding their belief about healthcare. She knows that the time for self care healthcare has arrived because today more people are aware of the discrepancies about disease care and are consciously taking responsibility for their state of health.  Family of oneness we are moving from disease care to conscious self healthcare.

It’s time to Relearn, Rethink, and Rewrite Your Personal Healthcare Prescription Plan© with Dr. “K” International Radio Host of Health Talk / Health Wise What’s Your Illusion?  What’s Your Reality? Conscious Health care Talk on  Tuesdays 7:30 – 8:30 p.m. EST. Listen to the show and get more information at and visit her video channel at

Jennifer Duke, MA, LMFT

Jennifer Duke will discuss a need for a more comprehensive treatment of mental health. She will discuss treatment that integrates both standard medical treatment as well as holistic protocols.  She will present methods she uses in a hospital setting that complement medical treatment. Her goal is to empower people to manage symptoms effectively and to partner with their doctors for better outcomes. She will discuss treatment methods that can be used effectively with  people with depression, substance abuse, and schizophrenia. She will also examine the stages of change and how resistance to change is a natural element of growth, both for emerging health industries and for individuals. Jennifer will also teach some simple exercises in the exhibit room that will benefit people all people who wish to live happier healthier lives.

Ben King - Creator of Armor Down

Ben served in the Iraq war as a Psychological Operations Sergeant in the U.S.. Army. During that time, he was chief of a three-man Tactical PSYOPS Team. After his service ended, Ben obtained a master’s degree in Public Anthropology from American University.

As part of his master’s studies, Ben utilized his military and academic training to examine the many facets of the American fitness industry. His investigations led him to conclude that most civilian styles of fitness training are similar to the military’s “No Pain, No Gain” style of exercise—an approach he knew from his own experience to be unsustainable.

After receiving his degree, Ben’s continuing search for techniques to restore his pre-war physical and mental well-being led him to such practices as mindfulness meditation and yoga. Ben recognized these practices as being fundamentally more sustainable than most popular fitness approaches, and he began sharing his knowledge and created his own fitness regimen called Core Spiral Wellness.

Recently, after the publication of numerous studies supporting the use of integrative techniques for dealing with postwar mind-body conditions, Ben resolved to develop a means for allowing service members and veterans access to these techniques. Armor Down is the result.

Ken Kitatani

Ken Kitatani was born in Jakarta, Indonesia and grew up New York City, while attending the United Nations International School. He currently serves as the Assistant Director of Centers for Spiritual Development of Sukyo Mahikari in San Francisco. He is also the Executive Director of Forum 21, a multidisciplinary research association for catalyzing positive, integrative solutions and actions for human and environmental upliftment.

Since 2008, Ken has been the USA representative of Women In Need International, an NGO that advocates for gender equality and sustainability. He is also on the Board of “What Shape is Green?” a program of peace sculptures for the environment.  He is fluent in Japanese and English and a recognized translator in USA and Japan for over 16 years. Ken’s New York City education culminated at Columbia University.

Judy Kosovich - Master of Ceremonies

Judy Kosovich is a former government attorney and policy analyst with experience at the EPA, OTA, and DOE. She enjoys complex and multi-disciplinary issues with opportunities for creativity and communication. She has worked mainly on environmental issues as well as patents and tech transfer, health issues and medical technologies, international issues, food and agriculture issues. She currently spends much of her time on solar thermal as a solution to high natural gas prices, climate change, and air pollution. She is of counsel at Swankin & Turner, a DC law firm. As well as a member of the DC Bar and the Patent Bar.

Camille Leon

Camille Leon is the Founder and Executive Director of The Holistic Chamber of Commerce (HCC), an emerging national organization developed to bring the holistic business community together and to pool resources from holistic professionals, practitioners, entrepreneurs and business owners. By working together, we can all expand our success and sustainability by helping more consumers find solutions to the challenges of living in today’s world. There are currently more than 750 Professional Members in 27 states.

She is also the co-creator of THE EXHILARATION EFFECT: Building the Courage to Take Your Leap of Faith. THE EXHILARATION EFFECT was among the top 25 (out of 2,800 books) in the 2010 Next Top Spiritual Author competition. In 2011, she received a Women’s International Day Outstanding Service Award from Women’s Information Network (WIN). She has been featured on the Holistic Success Show, in the Santa Monica Observer and on numerous podcasts.

With a degree in International Relations from the University of Redlands, Camille has worked with start-ups as well as small and large organizations including the Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD), the League of Women Voters of Los Angeles (LWVLA) and the San Clemente Ocean Festival. Camille has worked and traveled in the US and Canada, Central and South America, Europe, Asia and Africa.

Bruce McBarnette, Esquire - President of Summit Connection LLC

Bruce McBarnette is president of the real estate investment firm, Summit Connection LLC. He was a former legal counsel to the United States Senate, a former senior counsel for Fannie Mae, and a former Judge Advocate attorney for the US Army. He was also a captain in the Army. He is a graduate of Princeton University, where he was president of his class. He is also a graduate of New York University School of Law.

He also teaches classes for a number of colleges on real estate investing, on acting, and on preparation for the following professional school exams: the Law School Admissions Test, the Graduate Record Exam, and the Graduate Management Admissions Test. Some of the colleges he has taught for include John Madison University, George Washington University, Chaminade, Montgomery College, Hagerstown College, and Maui Community College.

On top of his professional pursuits, Mr. McBarnette is also an actor who has had roles on TV shows, such as 24 Hours, West Wing, The Wire, Law and Order, and on movies, such as Body of Lies, Shooter, Ladder 49, Along Came the Spider, Contact, Deep Impact, and Jackal.

Mr. McBarnette is also a distinguished high jumper.  He has broken world records for his age group and has won 9 world track and field championships for his age group. He has also won 26 USA national championships for his age group.  He has been featured in Sports Illustrated.

Despite his hectic schedule, he still finds time for philanthropy and has raised over $100,000 for a variety of charities, including the American Heart Association, Charlies Place, and the Queens Sickle Cell Advocacy Network. He has hosted charitable social events, such as art shows, at several embassies in Washington DC, including the embassies of the following countries: Finland, Croatia, Bolivia, Bulgaria, Austria, Trinidad and Tobago, Grenada, Antigua and Barbuda, and the Czech Republic.

Wayne H. Miller - Founder and CEO of Nura Health

When he was 18 years old Miller began his career in neuropharmacology research at Smith Kline & French (SKF) Laboratories in Philadelphia where he was born and raised. Having attended schools in PA and NY he received a BS in Natural Sciences from the University of Oregon and moved to Northern California in the early 1980's to begin his career in finance. Given his technical skills he eventually focused his activities in pension asset management. Having held various securities licenses throughout his career Miller served as President and Chief Investment Officer of more than one SEC registered investment advisor over many years. In 2003, following the corporate scandals of the early part of that decade, Miller became the author of the first pension fund fiduciary governance training program in the country. In 2004, his training program was endorsed by the largest association of finance officers in the country - Financial Executives International (FEI). He then toured the country talking to finance officers on behalf of FEI. Miller then engaged in consulting activities regarding the fiduciary management of $100+ billion in long-term Trust assets globally including assignments with Fortune 100 companies and sovereign governments. He consulted on the Social Security systems of Chile and Jordan as well as the National Bond Corporation of Dubai. In 2007, he was asked by the staff of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve to construct a training program for bank examiners throughout the regulatory apparatus.

Given his background in neurosciences, and following an experience in which his father had a remarkable recovery from the affliction of multiple chronic conditions, Miller became an advisor to the management of several medical device companies pioneering the use of physics in therapeutics. In 2010 he started Nura Life Sciences, which has become Nura Health, an informatics company that applies an Economic Value-Added (EVA) lens to America's healthcare system. EVA is a corporate finance methodology that has been deployed globally over the last 35 years to drive efficiency into business processes.


Deborah Norris, Ph.D.

Dr. Norris is the Founder and Executive Director of The Mindfulness Center, the largest and most influential mind-body wellness center in Washington, D.C., and a leader in bringing mind-body medicine to the forefront of the nation’s evolving health care system. A health scientist with over 35 years of experience, Dr. Norris has a Ph.D. in psychology/psychopharmacology, and is Director of the Psychobiology of Healing program at American University. Dr. Norris was previously on the faculty in the Psychiatry Department at Georgetown University Medical School, and at the Veteran's Affairs Medical Center. Dr. Norris worked for 15 years as a health scientist specializing in neurotoxicology and environmental illnesses at the United States Environmental Protection Agency, developing neurobehavioral guidelines for the USEPA and the OECD.

Dr. Norris has studied a number of mind-body-spirit modalities. She has intensive training through the Washington Center for Consciousness Studies in the theory and practice of Gestalt Psychotherapy and meditation. She is certified by the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis, the American College of Sports Medicine, Yoga Alliance and the Arthritis Foundation, among others.

James L. Oschman, Ph.D.

Jim Oschman is the award-winning author of Energy Medicine: the scientific basis, and Energy Medicine in Therapeutics and Human Performance. He lectures widely on the science behind a variety of emerging medical techniques. Jim has degrees in Biophysics and Biology from the University of Pittsburgh.  He has worked in major research labs around the world. He has published more than 100 articles and books, and his scientific papers have been published in the world's leading journals. Jim has both taught and attended classes at various therapeutic schools around the world, and experienced a wide range of bodywork techniques. Finally, Jim has become involved in the development of cutting-edge medical devices and other applications of the emerging concepts of energy medicine. Jim is a member of the Scientific Advisory Board for the National Foundation for Alternative Medicine, and is the recipient of the Foundation's Founders Award. He has also received a Distinguished Service Award from the Rolf Institute and a Career Award from the International Fascia Research Congress. He is also a member of the editorial board of the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine.

Steven Shafarman

Steven Shafarman, the creator of FlexAware®, is also a leading Feldenkrais Method Practitioner. He studied with Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais and was Feldenkrais’ appointment secretary. Steven created FlexAware® as a dynamic fitness practice that extends and enhances the benefits of the Feldenkrais Method. He teaches groups and individuals, and leads programs to certify new FlexAware teachers. The author of the FlexAware Fitness DVD and six books, including Awareness Heals, he lives in Washington DC.

Abstract #1 : Breathing as the Core of Wellness:

In every instance of pain, stress, and illness, there’s a common factor: inadequate breathing. As individuals and as a society, the fastest and lowest-cost step we can take to enhance wellness is learning to breathe freely and effectively. Yet most of us have only vague or confused ideas about how we breathe. And most of us have habits of breathing shallowly. In this experiential talk, Steven Shafarman will share the science and practice of effective breathing, and the potential to significantly reduce health care costs.

Abstract #2 : FlexAware®

FlexAware® helps people breathe freely and move easily, for healing, fitness, exercise, and mindfulness. Uniquely effective for relieving back pain and breathing problems, and for helping seniors improve balance and walking. The movements are pleasant, comfortable, based on current neuroscience and the way young children learn and move naturally. Can also be challenging for serious athletes.

Sandra Sigur - Owner of Realistic Holistic

Sandra Sigur is a Certified Reflexologist, Massage Therapist, Yoga Instructor, Paramedical Aesthetician, Reiki Practitioner, and Aromatherapist. Other areas of Immune, Energy and Detox support include Lymphatic Drainage, Kinesiology, Body Brushing, Korean Hand Therapy, Crystal Therapy, Acid/Alkaline Balancing, and Ear Candling.

Born in New Orleans and raised with Cajun roots, she learned the benefits of using nature as God’s medicine cabinet early on. Being athletic as an adolescent and through her adult life as a single parent made her appreciate the investment of self-care and wellness awareness.

After a debilitating head on collision, she began to search for answers that were beyond medication and surgery. “My massage therapist made a big difference in my care. So, after being in the corporate world for 25 years and not making an impact, I decided to go into a field where I could help others”.

A few years later, she was diagnosed with Cardiomyopathy – only 50% of her heart working – no symptoms, no signs. Knowing her holistic profession, her Cardiologist agreed to monitor her with a reduced amount of meds, complemented with holistic therapy. She then went to see a Reflexologist. The Reflexologist was able to not only pinpoint the heart condition, but was also able to help reverse the condition within 6 months. Her thirst for knowledge and helping others continues to grow.

Whether it’s stress, hormones, injury or pre-post surgical care, each service is personalized to meet your individual needs to bring about inner balance. All clients receive “Life Work” that will extend the health benefits from any of the treatments. By getting to the source of your concerns, Sandra is able to share self-care wellness concepts with you according to your individual needs.

With Wellness Awareness at the forefront, she has created two Help Yourself to Health presentations – “Life After Puberty” (adult women only) and “What’s All the Stress About”.  These were created so that the layperson learns healthy self-care information and techniques to better take care of themselves and their love ones.

Her expertise has afforded her appearances on health talk shows, a wellness radio show, guest speaking engagements, numerous health publications, as well as meetings on Capitol Hill to speak with Members of Congress about the importance of providing preventative and complementary care for all Americans.

To contact Sandra for an appointment, or as a guest speaker, please call Realistic Holistic at (407) 924-1401 or ask questions at

Jim Turner - President of Voice for HOPE

Jim Turner is a partner in the D.C. law firm of Swankin & Turner formed in 1973, where he represents individuals, businesses, and consumer groups in a wide variety of regulatory matters, both in court and before various regulatory agencies, including the Food and Drug Administration, Environmental Protection Agency, Consumer Product Safety Commission and Federal Trade Commission. He works on projects with agencies such as the Department of Agriculture and the National Institutes of Health. He has authored best-sellers, The Chemical Feast: The Nader Report on the Food and Drug Administration and Making Your Own Baby Food and, in 2008, co-authored his seminal work, Voice of the People: The Transpartisan Imperative in American Life.

Jim has served as Board Chair of Citizens for Health since 1995 and is current President of Voice for HOPE-Healers Of Planet Earth.  Born in Columbus, Ohio, and raised in Cleveland, he is a graduate of the Moritz College of Law at The Ohio State University, holds a B. A. in history and political science from Ohio State University College of Arts and Sciences. He served as a regular officer on ships in the US Navy from 1962 to 1966.

Dr. Keefa Lorraine Weatherspoon, N.D.

Dr. Keefa, a visionary whose heart and soul is anchored in humankind’s capacity to regenerate, rebuild and renew spirit, mind and body; is an entrepreneur and business developer.  She is the Founder and Director of Golden Ray, Inc. and SanKofa LIFE, a Michigan Nonprofit community service organization.  She holds a Doctor of Naturopathy, degree from Clayton College of Natural Health in Birmingham, Alabama.   Dr. Keefa is also the Founder of the new SanKofa LIFE Learning and Wellness Center located at 18734 Woodward Avenue in Detroit near 7 Mile Road where she is also a Wellness Educator.  The school is next to her business, The Water Station and Healthy Soul Natural Food Store located at 18710 Woodward Avenue, Detroit, Michigan, 48203. 


Dr. Keefa’s studies and practices of Wholistic health care date back to 1977, and stretch across the globe; encompassing both Eastern and Western healing arts.  She is a 35 year+ cancer survivor and attributes her healing to her metaphysical and health studies.  She is the author of seven books and manuscripts.  Her latest book is titled “Standing in the Majesty of Grace.”  Her passion and enthusiasm to serve and support, motivate and inspire, educate and empower humankind is evidenced in her meticulous yet candid, gleeful, simplistic and comprehensive style of education.

She is also the Founder and Director of the SanKofa LIFE Youth and Family Rites of Passage Program.

Her other areas of expertise include being the television and radio host of “Live Well Naturally with Dr. Keefa,” and a newspaper and magazine columnist.  She is a Wholistic Health Practitioner, 3rd Degree Mahikari Yokoshi, 3rd Degree Reiki Master, Certified Nutritional Consultant, and N.L.P. Trainer and Consultant. Dr. Keefa is the recipient of the esteemed Spirit of Detroit award…., and many other awards.

Bob Weiner - USA Track and Field National Masters Media Chair

Bob Weiner is President of Robert Weiner Associates Public Affairs and Issue Strategies since leaving the White House in Aug. 2001 after 6 ½ years there.  He was Director of Public Affairs and Spokesman, Office of National Drug Policy, under President Clinton and Drug Czars General Barry McCaffrey and Lee Brown, and also for the Bush transition.


Earlier in a 30-year top level government and political career, Bob was Director of Communications, House Government Operations Committee, under Cong. John Conyers; Communications Director, House Narcotics Committee, under Cong. Charles Rangel; Chief of Staff, House Aging Committee, under Cong. Claude Pepper, where Bob led the Pepper bill successfully abolishing age-based mandatory retirement and efforts to protect Social Security and Medicare; and Legislative Assistant to Cong. Ed Koch.


In the sports and track and field arenas, Bob serves a Chair of the Masters Media Committee for USA Track and Field and is on the executive committee of Masters Track and Field. This year he won USA Track and Field’s highest national service award for masters, the David Pain Distinguished Service Award, and in 2011 he won the President’s Award for all track and field.  Bob has directed media for the US national indoor and outdoor masters championships since 2003 and is credited with dramatically increasing coverage.  He is passionate about the message of lifetime health and fitness through training and competition.  He has made all-American in masters track almost every year and regularly medaled in the steeplechase or the mile among the top three at the national age-group masters championships.  While working at the White House, Bob served on the Executive Board of the White House Fitness Center.

Bob directed White House drug policy media at the Sydney Olympics and WADA media at the Salt Lake Olympic Games.  Former USADA Chair and Olympic marathon gold medalist Frank Shorter said at a White House celebration of Bob’s career that Bob helped to create WADA and USADA.  Bob is President of the Capitol Hill Runners, former President of the Sugarloaf Mt. AC (MA), former Vice President of the DC Road Runners, and an active member of the Potomac Valley Track Club.  He led the successful bid for the first Indoor National Masters Championship in the DC area in 2009, and it’s returning this year.  He was co-director of the Mobil Invitational Masters Mile for eight years, was director and Chair of the RRCA National Ten Mile Championship. Bob co-captained the Blair Academy (NJ) cross country team, and won the Ohio Conference Cross Country Relays while running for Oberlin College (OH).  He also ran track all four years at Blair and Oberlin. 

Bob is a regular commentator on national issues on Main Street Radio Network’s 200 stations, a regular “Washington Insider” commentator on Fox Television on “Fox and Friends” has been on CNN, ABC, NBC, ABC, Showtime, Bill Maher, Crossfire, Geraldo, many other radio and television shows, is often in print media, and has written over 200 op-eds published in major papers. In addition to political and government issues, many of Bob’s op-eds call for drug-free sports as well as lifetime fitness.

Bob has a B.A. from Oberlin College and an M.A. in Recent American History from the University of Massachusetts.